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This webpage will discuss the many and various flaxseed oil health benefits for both men and women. As a child growing up my parents swore by cod liver oil. I used to have to take in liquid form on a rather large spoon. I detested that moment every night but they swore by it.

They said its had all round health giving properties. I am fairly certain that I cheered up a lot when the capsule version was released. The liquid taste was simply awful and was never something that I personally looked forward to.

Flaxseed oil on the other hand has a nutty taste. It tastes nothing like castor oil and that makes it a big plus for me. The other good news is that flaxseed oil is available in capsule form. I also don't like the taste of fish oil. Now let us discuss the many flaxseed oil health benefits.

If you want to see the specific benefits for women click here and for men click here. This page is about the general health benefits for both male and female.

What Are The Actual Health Benefits of Flaxseed Oil?

There is, I should warn you, so many claims made about flaxseed oil health benefits and what it can cure. None of these are based on any definitive medical research. There is no specific research that I could find and believe me I have looked everywhere.

That said, the general consensus is that this oil when taken in the right amounts is overall a good thing for our bodies. This is simply because it gives us the right amount of Omega 3 in our bodies, which is something that humans and most animals do not naturally produce.

The truth is that with any of these alternative health products there are claims and counter claims, It is hard to be exact on what it works for and what it doesn't. These opinions are spread across a whole range of health forums. The debates are endless and I have to say in my opinion inconclusive.

That said, there is enough research and enough claims made by people  to arrive at some useful information. Those who have taken these capsules or crushed flaxseed in food give me enough confidence to make some statements. It is a good supplement to any normal day to day intake of food and vitamins.

I think it is also fair to point out that it should be used as a supplement. It should not be the main stay of your daily vitamin sources. Allow me to explain my reasons for that.

Flaxseed Oil and Omega 3

To understand flaxseed oil health benefits it is important to understand the contents of the actual product. A key content is Omega 3 which is an essential fatty burning acid and a good thing for our bodies.

It is available in good amounts if fish forms a part of your regular diet. If that is not the case then you should give strong consideration to adding this to your daily intake of vitamins and food.

The flaxseed oil  health benefits come from its rich nutritional value. This is contained in every dose of the product.

These benefits are claimed to be numerous. It is the essential fatty acids contained in flaxseeds that actually produce the health benefits.

Many users of this on Internet forums, supported by some research do show that there are valid enough claims. It works mainly in helping to prevent ailments by providing Omega content to the body. It would seem that the main health benefits are prevention of help with:

  • Rheumatoid arthritis
  • General heart disease
  • Period pains
  • Skin irritations
  • Calcium in the bones
  • Osteoporosis
  • Asthma
  • Constipation
  • Improves better and healthier hair and skin

This is only a short list of the many claims made by users of the product. I use it myself along with some multi-vitamins and I like the idea.

I do eat fish but maybe only once or twice a month and I know from that usage that without this my body would be deficient in Omega. Combining these with a general multi purpose vitamins sounds like a good idea to keep a healthy functioning body.

Flaxseed Oil Health Benefits - Supplemental Benefits

This product has been used by various cultures for many years. Many tribes use this to heal bruises and sprains. They also used it for minor cuts and skin blemishes and irritations. Where it grows naturally people seem to be aware of its natural healing power and this is where I would rate it.

Some chefs use this in their cooking as it has a nutty taste They also say it offers health benefits. It is similar in many ways to olive oil, coconut oil and the many fish oils available on the supermarket shelves.

There have been few studies that I could find into the flaxseed oil health benefits. It is mainly based on user reviews and the sensible interpretation of the actual contents of flaxseeds that all these benefits are based on.

It would be hard to disagree with any of them. At the same time without laboratory testing difficult to give sound medical evidence. I did struggle to find any user complaining about side effects.

Some strange claims of flaxseed oil health benefits did include:

  1. Its ability to reduce nerve damage
  2. The treatment of multiple sclerosis
  3. Treatment of diabetes mellitus.

I am not saying these are not true as actual users have written these so for them that is what they found.

There was one single piece of research that came out time after time. A person should take flaxseed oil in moderation and avoid taking large doses.

I hope you have found this article on flaxseed oil health benefits useful and informative.

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