There are a few good websites out there that I like to refer to when it comes to flaxseed. There are also some that you should avoid but for the purpose of this page, here are some of the good sites that I will look at when I need to find something out.

Flax Council of Canada

This is a good quality site with some pretty extensive research. You do need to take the time and patience to read through all of their information. That said it is packed with useful and current information on Flax growing. The Flax Council of Canada site has been set up to promote the use of flax seed and is very informative and useful.

Mayo Clinic

This is another useful site, especially when discussing the medical and health benefits of flaxseed and flaxseed oil. The Mayo Clinic cover a range of health issues, but I find that they do a particularly good job at examining flaxseed and its benefits.