This sites explains flaxseed oil benefits in detail. People have been using flaxseed oil to supplement their daily intake of Omega 3 needed for good health.


This website investigates the potential flaxseed oil benefits that you may obtain should you decide to use it as part of your supplemental diet. Flaxseed is a plant that grows naturally and was initially farmed in Europe. Today though, there are literally thousands of people who use this every day as part of a supplemental diet. It has been around now for about 20 years, and unlike many other dietary fads, this one has remained and is popular with both men and women.

Way back in time, the brown seeds from the flax plant, which contain oil, were used as herbal or natural treatments by many tribes in Europe. Principally they would have been used to assist with constipation problems or for various inflammatory disorders. Many of these tribes made their natural medicines from whatever plants and crops were available. This type of practice can, of course, be traced all the way back to the early days of man, where they used whatever natural plants they could find, to promote wellness and healing.


In these more modern times, you can get Flax in a few different formats including seeds, gels, capsules, and oil. I have done an article on those different formats and you can read that by clicking here. There is no doubt that it has a high nutritional value which you can also read about by clicking here.

Flaxseed Oil Uses

The prime purpose of farming the flax plant was, however, to be able to use it to produce linen for clothing, handkerchiefs, table cloths, and many other domestic uses. For our purposes, though we are more interested in exploring it from the medicinal or potential healing properties that the flaxseed oil may have.

There is quite a bit of qualified research available that would give considerable strength to the claims that if this oil is taken as a supplement, that it has certain properties which will naturally have a therapeutic benefit for a variety of ailments from constipation and all the way through to benefits for the cardiovascular systems and the heart.

flaxseed oil benefits

On this website, you can read about the best-kept secrets of this great alternative product and the many flaxseed oil benefits that one can get from taking this oil. Much nonsense is talked about and discussed this oil, and the actual truth and facts are actually not that well known and often misunderstood.

Allow me to offer you what I would consider being a simple but accurate explanation. I have formed this opinion having completed and read a lot of material and information in books, Internet forums from actual users and the many Health websites that exist. That has helped a lot in understanding what this oil can actually do, and more importantly what it can NOT do.

Turning Seeds Into Oil

When we grind the seeds oil is produced. This oil has a rather pleasant nutty taste and can be bought in either Health stores or in most good supermarkets. There are in truth many flaxseed oils use and we shall examine these throughout this website. You can also buy this as actual seeds, as ground seeds, in an organic form and indeed as capsules if you prefer those.

You will find a lot of debate as to whether the brown or golden seeds are best but if you examine the ingredients closely you will find that the actual nutritional values are identical.

Flaxseed Oil Benefits – Health Benefits Discussed

The name essential fatty acids (EFAs) may not suggest that these are a good thing for our body, but in effect, the opposite is the case. They are essential in keeping the body functioning properly. They work by offering protection to the membranes of cells where they act as a filter allowing in healthy substances and stopping detrimental substances getting in. Please don’t let the name put you off, as these are something that our body requires, in the correct amounts of course.

The most important thing to note is that our bodies do not naturally produce Omega 3, an important fatty acid, and most people get this by eating fish. The problem with that is that not everyone likes or eats fish. Even those who do are most likely not eating enough.

Omega 3

An important fatty acid is known as Omega 3 and is alpha-linolenic acid. (ALA) There is a lot of medical research that tells us this is an important EFA to have as it appears to reduce the risk of heart disease among other benefits. Now again please don’t be put off by the long words and fancy names for all of these. Alpha-linolenic acid is something that is naturally found in products such as nuts, seeds, soya beans, and vegetable oil.

What Research Is Available?

Omega 3, however, is not an EFA that the body can naturally produce. Most people get this EFA by eating fish or by taking a fish oil supplement. Flaxseed also contains Omega 6, Omega 9 and other vitamins and minerals. These are key flaxseed oil benefits.

Quite extensive research has shown that this oil or more importantly Omega 3 should be an important part of your day to day intake. 

Flaxseed may also help to lower cholesterol levels, protect against heart disease and control high blood pressure. If you want the evidence look at countries like Japan who eat fish daily and enjoy much lower rates of heart disease. There was also a study of 50,000 women that was completed by Harvard University. In this study, which took place over a 10-year period, they concluded that resulted in a significant decline in depression, or increased the feel-good factor.

Numerous case studies have proven that the Omega 3 ingredient will assist in the reduction of blood clots, and as a simple follow on from that, the risk of heart attacks and diseases is also minimized. This benefit alone was enough to convince me that having this as part of my daily supplement was a very good idea and certainly worth some serious consideration.

I also realized when holidaying in Italy with friends who live there that their diet was excellent for good cholesterol levels. When I asked about their regular diet it consisted of various grains, pasta, fresh fruit, and vegetables. Fish was eaten at least twice a week in some form and olive oil was used every day in some format.

Clearly there is some pretty compelling evidence for the many benefits and some of these include, anti-inflammatory help, easing constipation, heart improvement, skin and hair improvement, impotency, prostate help, and many other claims. We shall look at all of those on this website and see which are supported by evidence.

Flaxseed Oil Benefits For The Skin

Many skin blemishes and itches are the direct cause of dry skin or skin lacking in natural oils. By taking this oil it will certainly help with acne, eczema, psoriasis, rosacea, and sunburn. The simple reason for this is that the essential fatty acids in flaxseed oil work as an anti-inflammatory and help protect the skin. Many people on the Health forums actually used this oil when they got sunburn and all of them said it helped relieve the pain and heal the skin much quicker than had they not used it.

On some of the acne forums, people there stated that these fatty acids helped with thinning of what is known as the sebum and that in turn helped with acne. As you may now acne is caused when pores get blocked or filled with soap and the fatty acids in fish oil or flaxseed oil encourage less blocking of the pores.

Flaxseed Oil Benefits For Your Hair?

An interesting fact is that where low levels of Omega 3 are found in a human, then there is a strong likelihood that the person will have dry and lifeless hair. Yet again Omega 3 that exists in flaxseed oil contributes greatly to a healthy head of hair and the growth of hair.

Many-Body Builders Use Flaxseed Oil – Find Out Why

Many bodybuilders use flaxseed oil as part of their daily diet. I am not a bodybuilder so I can not make any personal comments as to what difference this makes but on the various forums where I have read about flax oil, it is clear that it is well promoted and recommended within that community. In fact, I would go as far as to say, that people into bodybuilding probably use this flaxseed more than any other type of person.

Are There Any Other Flaxseed Oil Benefits?

Other benefits include maintaining regular and healthy blood pressure. There was enough evidence from users to inform me that people found improvements when taking this oil.


This may sound a tad rude but there was clear evidence of flaxseed oil being of benefit for constipation. The information that I read stated that it helped produce soft “stools” and prevented difficulties with constipation problems and as a result annoying hemorrhoids. This is because the seeds of flax are high in dietary fiber.

Joint Pains

As we age our joints simply dry out and flaxseed oil will help lubricate joints and help keep us supple as we start to age. This was actually pointed out by a number of users who had many different types of bone complaints from simple creaking of the joints to arthritis.

I actually noticed this quite a lot at various forums where older runners share information. Many of them used this oil to help with joint pains, and many of them had very good things to say about how well this worked for them. I run quite a lot myself, but as I was taking the oil simply as a supplement anyway, it would be unfair for me to say if this actually helped for pain relief. Thankfully as I have been running for a long time, I don’t suffer much from these types of pains.

Brief Discussion On The Side Effects of Flaxseed Oils and Capsules

I have been asked quite a few times about the benefits vs any potential side effects and I have yet to find anyone describing any ill effects. I have however completed a separate article on this and you can read it by clicking on the link above.

I do know it is a natural product and as such is made from nothing more than the oil that is pressed from the seeds. I have also been asked of the argument about flaxseed oil vs fish oil and again both are rich in Omega 3. For me, it is just easier to take the flaxseed as in my opinion it just tastes much better. I hope this article has explained flaxseed oil benefits clearly and how they can really be of benefit to your body.