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Benefits of Flaxseed Oil | Health & Side Effects

Benefits of Flaxseed Oil | Health & Side Effects

Does flaxseed affect estrogen level?

flaxseed effects ib estrogen


Does flaxseed affect estrogen level?

Does flaxseed affect estrogen level?

To find the answer to this question that: Does flaxseed affect estrogen level? First, we should know about the existence and importance of estrogen in the human body, because it is not possible to describe a thing without knowing about its basics.

So estrogen is a thyroid hormone in the female’s body. This hormone is not present in males. This is only the hormone of the female body. This hormone is the primary female sex hormone that is related to the growth and development of the female reproductive system. Moreover, this hormone is involved in the regulation of secondary sex characteristics in females.

In this article, we will discuss the effect of diet on the production and working of this hormone. Here we will try to find the results of only one ingredient that is flaxseed on the estrogen level of the female body. We will also discuss a little about the precautions that should be taken if one is taking flaxseed in her diet to maintain the estrogen level in the body.

Does flaxseed affect estrogen level?

Flax impact on estrogen:

According to scientific research eating more flax or flaxseed does not appear to increase in the blood level of estrogen hormone in the female body. The main reason is that because phytoestrogens such as Lignin are chiefly found in flax are structurally similar to the estrogen that is made by the body. In other words, the estrogen hormone that a female body is making is similar to the nutrients of the flax in structure. Therefore there are no chances of an increase of this hormone in the blood.

Here is proof of this theory that was given in May 2014. Available human research in May 2014 revealed in their study of Integrative Cancer Therapies that flaxseed consumption in women did not affect the estrogen level at all. It does not either increase its concentration in the blood or decrease its level. Moreover, the research said that daily consumption of two tablespoons of flaxseed by a female could reduce their weight. These flaxseeds are very beneficial for over-weighted women because they can reduce their weight through these seeds.

Beyond estrogen Level:

As the saying goes, anything in excess is bad. Therefore these flaxseeds can inhibit aromatase, an enzyme that produces estrogen. The scientific reason behind it is, flaxseed contains phytoestrogen or lignin that can react with the lignin of the estrogen hormone and can affect its level in the body. Therefore, the lignin of flaxseed may affect the aromatase enzyme in the body. But as it is said above that excess of everything is terrible. It means if you take a high level of consumption of flaxseed, then it will affect the enzyme; otherwise, it is safe to use if it is used in a limit.


Now we will discuss some precautions that must be taken while taking flaxseed. The first thing that you should do before taking flaxseed is that they prefer to be grounded. Means grinder flaxseeds are recommended over non-grinded. The reason is that ground flaxseeds allow more absorption of Omega 3 fats and lignin.

Moreover, it is wise to start with one tablespoon a day. You can also mix these seeds in a salad, oatmeal, yogurt, or cooked grains. Because then their fats and lignin will not have over effect on your body. Last but not least, precaution is taking flaxseed oil because flaxseed oil does not contain lignin or fibber until it’s added. Therefore, this oil will give you the perfect and required level of flaxseed to your body that will good to maintain estrogen level.


The female reproductive system is a susceptible type of system in the female body. And this reproductive system is controlled by a specific sex hormone called estrogen. Therefore, a minor change in the productivity level of this hormone can affect puberty and secondary sex characteristics of the female body. Therefore diet is an essential thing that should be controlled to maintain the level of estrogen in the female body.

When we talk about the effects of flaxseed on estrogen level, then there are not many disastrous effects of this product on female estrogen hormone. A measured quantity of such seeds can reduce the overweight of females. Moreover, if we take proper precautions in taking these seeds, then they are beneficial for the female reproductive system.

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