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Benefits of Flaxseed Oil | Health & Side Effects

Benefits of Flaxseed Oil | Health & Side Effects

How Much Flaxseed Oil Per Day?

How much flaxseed oil should I take per day

Flaxseed Oil Benefits

How Much Flaxseed Oil Per Day?

This is a question that I am asked more than any other. The truth is that the amount of flaxseed oil you take each day will vary a lot, depending on a number of different circumstances. The most important point though I would like to make right at the start of this article.

You should never start taking Flaxseed oil without first speaking with your medical expert and doctor. That is, in fact, the approach you should undertake with all supplemental product types.

Without knowing fully we could easily have an underlying medical condition that could easily be impacted by taking even natural or organic types of products. It is always worthwhile having a check-up just to be sure.

I have written a fairly extensive article on the side effects of flaxseed oil. I would strongly suggest reading that so as you are aware that this oil is just not suitable for everyone.

It is known to thin blood and if you are someone who may be at risk from that, then you should avoid taking the oil until that condition improves. I would offer similar advice to those ladies who are or think they might be pregnant.

How Much Flaxseed Oil To Take Every Day

Recommended Dosage of Flaxseed Oil

Most manufacturers would suggest that the recommended average dosage is between 40-50 mg per day. That is approximately 1 tablespoon per day. It is the amount that I take myself and I have not heard any better recommendation, to be honest.

I have read in a few places that some people take more than this, but the reality is that there is no evidence whatsoever that I am aware of, to see the benefits of doing that. There is a reason manufacturers have stated dose advice on the side of their bottles or packets.

If you are someone who prefers capsules then that is either 2 or 3 capsules a day (10 mg capsules) when starting out. I also think it is a very good idea to start out slowly and then build up if you feel that will help.

I have read on different health forums that some people take a larger dose to try and help with constipation. I would not recommend doing that though as other alternatives exist, and this oil is mainly so as you can get enough of Omega 3 into your body.

What Might Change How Much Flaxseed Oil You Take?

I mentioned right at the start that there were a lot of variations that would impact how much oil you should take. Let me dive a little deeper into that now. The first big factor is your weekly diet. The food contains certain fatty acids but that depends on the type of food you eat.

If your existing diet is either absent of any Omega 3 or contained very little, then you could up the dose of flaxseed to a couple of tablespoons per day. If on the other hand, you eat fish, or a lot of fruit and vegetables, as part of your normal weekly diet, then the standard dose would be just fine.

To determine how much fatty acid you consume would mean examining your own diet and trying to find that out for yourself. You could check with your doctor or a dietician, to help understand how much fatty acid is supplied by your current diet.

Then you could either change to increase it to that amount or take extra oil. The good news is that you do become much more aware of the type of food you are consuming, and more importantly, what is missing from your diet. That is one thing I did find out when I started out with using this oil.

Just to be really clear about this, I am talking here about the oil and not flax seeds on their own. They are two different things and the oil is known to have little or no side effects when a normal daily dose is taken.

The actual seeds can cause problems if not taken with enough water. There have been different studies carried out where people have been given this oil to deal with things like high cholesterol. From those, it was seen that the standard dosage of around 40-50 mg helped with that.

So, in summary, my strong advice would be that if you are contemplating taking flaxseed oil as a supplement, then stick with the daily recommended dose. This seems to work well and has been tried and tested. I could find zero evidence to support taking a larger dose.

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