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Benefits of Flaxseed Oil | Health & Side Effects

Benefits of Flaxseed Oil | Health & Side Effects

Does Flaxseed Oil Work for Dry Eyes?

flaxseed oil for dry eyes

Flaxseed Oil Benefits

Does Flaxseed Oil Work for Dry Eyes?

In this article, we wanted to investigate if flaxseed oil could help for dry or sticky eyes? This was an interesting one to look at for a number of reasons. Many people use these for a whole variety of health reasons, but to be honest, this was not one that I had heard of. I simply came across this by accident when reading a lot of reviews. Below I have included an example of what I mean.

Can Flaxseed oil help with Dry Eyes?

This was a review from a buyer on Amazon who made the following comment:

I bought these as it was suggested they were good for sore and itchy eyes which were a problem for me at the end of the day – they worked!

More often than not people take these to get Omega 3 into their bodies. People also take them to help with hair and scalp problemsconstipation problems and other health-related problems. This was, however, the first time I had come across a comment that referred to itchy or dry eye issues. I then did a little digging to see if others had mentioned this as a health benefit.

It turned out that many people bought flaxseed oil capsules for this exact problem of either dry eyes, itchy eyes or a general sticky eye problem. Clearly, for some people, this works so I wanted to check why this might be the case. There is no specific ingredient in flaxseed itself that would have a direct relationship with helping dryness. Nor are there any added ingredients that would be specifically aimed at helping this problem.

It would appear that the flaxseed provides general health benefits. With those improvements in health, an aspect of that is that it helps fix whatever the problem is that is causing the itchiness or dryness in the first place. In many ways, it is a bit like treating a cold, and as a result, your nasal condition improves.

What Causes Dry Eyes?

It is, first of all, a very common condition that many people can suffer from. It is caused when not enough tears are produced, or those that are, evaporate too quickly. When that happens the eyes become red and slightly swollen. When that happens they start to irritate in and around the eyeball.

Dry eye syndrome as it is often referred to comes about when there is a hormonal change. In simple terms, certain types of hormones are responsible for the general production of tears or fluid in and around the eyes. When these hormones are altered in any way, this can have an adverse impact on tear production.

Hormone changes of this nature can occur during pregnancy, as we age, during the menopause, when on the contraceptive pill, etc. A key cause is for a certain age. Older people are much more prone to dryness around the eyes than younger people.

Check out these Flaxseed Oil Eye Drops for Dry Eyes.

Blinking Helps

If we read or write a lot of work on a computer then by default we tend to blink less than normal activities. Blinking helps keep the eyes moisturized and can do a lot to prevent stickiness or dryness around the eyes.

Our Environment

If you think of our surrounding environment, then that can also impact on our eyes. The main elements of the weather can also impact on this common syndrome. Things like the sun, wind, dry air or even high altitudes can impact a lot on how we feel around the eyes.

Certain tablets can also have the side-effect of drying out the eyes. It is always best to check with the doctor if this does happen.

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