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Benefits of Flaxseed Oil | Health & Side Effects

Benefits of Flaxseed Oil | Health & Side Effects

Enema for Constipation

Superior 2 quart Stainless Steel Enema Kit + 10 free Colon tips

Flaxseed Oil Benefits

Enema for Constipation

For many people, they may have heard of the word enema, but may not be too sure exactly what it means. Now I would also believe that many people consider it to be something that is quite unpleasant. Let’s take a brief look at where the enema came from. We will then investigate if enemas work for dealing with constipation?

Back in the day the enema was developed and used as a medical procedure and was certainly one that was not entirely pleasant to undergo. Back then practitioners used it to treat digestive discomfort and constipation. That is what its main purpose was back when medicine was not so advanced.

Constipation these days is typically treated with capsules or other forms of “off the shelf” medicines such as laxatives. I would think that the person who invented the enema, would probably be well and truly shocked at some of the more “intimate” uses the creation might have today.

How To Give An Enema?

The mechanics of an enema are actually quite straightforward. This is not considered to be a difficult medical procedure and these days there are many home kits available that allow people to complete the procedure at home. However please read all of this article before embarking on that.

Superior 2 quart Stainless Steel Enema Kit + 10 free Colon tips

It involves introducing a liquid into the rectum and colon via the anus. Today this is something that many adults use as a sexual health supplement. Many men enjoy how it stimulates the prostate and yes there are other men and women who simply enjoy the whole experience. I am not here to judge but it would not be at the top of my list.

Different liquids can be used in an enema. The most obvious of these is water, but some couples might find that to be too boring for their purposes. Some use alcohol and coffee is by far the most popular. The “experts” say that organic ground coffee works better than instant. How they know this I truly have no idea at all.

Some couples also use a variety of exotic liquids in their enemas. For a number of couples, the use of an enema is less a matter of what liquid is being introduced into the body, and more a matter of the position of the body and the enema.

It is recommended that the person receiving the enema should drink plenty of water before beginning to prevent any risk of dehydration. The ideal position is to lay on your stomach with the knees pulled well under.

The nozzle should then be well lubricated and carefully and slowly inserted into the anus. If it is a homemade enema the bag should be held up to allow gravity to allow the liquid in. There are disposable ones available and in this case, the bag will need to be squeezed to get the solution in.

When the bag is empty, then remove the nozzle and in about 2-10 minutes you should feel a powerful and irresistible urge to move your bowels. Try to last out for about 5 minutes to get the most benefit.

Do Enemas Work To Treat Constipation?

In all honesty, these will only ever be recommended as a last resort when all other medical treatments have been tried. Most doctors will prescribe laxatives, suppositories and even a high fiber diet, before even as much as considering an enema.

They do work of course in two different ways. Initially, the insertion of the nozzle loosens and opens up the rectum. The liquid can then go about softening the stool. When that happens and it can happen quickly, then a large bowel movement will follow. If you have been constipated for a long time this then gives enormous relief.

Medical practitioners use water mixed with some other substances. The most popular is called Fleet’s Phosphosoda Enema. This is water mixed with sodium phosphate and this should only be used by people who are medically trained to avoid any side effects.

Enemas as a Detox

Again some people believe this is a great way of cleansing the system. It is in many ways a colon cleanse. It helps remove faecal matter and minimizes the chances of infection. Again this would not be something for me, but quite a number of people swear by this type of cleansing treatment.

Health Concerns and Side Effects

It is known that enemas can cause dehydration. If these are overused or become part of the norm then they really can cause some serious health risks. What happens is that an electrolyte imbalance called hyponatremia. This is where the blood gets diluted, and the salt content drops much lower than is normal.

This can then lead to muscle spasms and swelling in the brain that can eventually lead to mental impairment. One major cause of these is that people use tap water and that should never be used in enemas.

Our advice is to speak with your doctor if you are considering embarking with an enema. Yes, I know it will be a tad embarrassing but at the end of the day, it is your health.

The 50 Shades of Grey Impact

Now I am not blaming the film for enemas. However, the role of Dominant and Submissive is a popular area where enemas can be used. They find it helps to trigger mild levels of dominance and submission in participants, making it a possible sexual health supplement for people who like that sort of thing.

In this type of dominance-submission play, the use of an enema as a sexual health supplement is relatively mild and ordinary. This is particularly true if one realizes that there are alternatives out there that are much, much less in line with the normal thing. Regardless, the increasing use of enemas as a part of some couple’s sexual escapades has prompted the “sex toys” market to sell out home enema kits, along with a number of similar products.

These products can have a wide range of types, with some looking almost like the medical tools used for the procedure, while others have decided to add a little “spice” to the design, without sacrificing the functionality. Apparently, some positions have a deeper psychological impact than others, heightening the sense of pleasure that both dominants and submissives get out of the act.

So yes they work for constipation but as always we would always recommend taking medical advice.

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