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Benefits of Flaxseed Oil | Health & Side Effects

Benefits of Flaxseed Oil | Health & Side Effects

When Is The Best Time To Take Flaxseed?

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Flaxseed Oil Benefits

When Is The Best Time To Take Flaxseed?

If you are considering taking flaxseed oil to get its many benefits then a good question is what time of the day is the best to take your daily dose. Just before we look at that it is worth noting that if you do plan on taking a daily dose, then there are recommended amounts that you should not deviate from. You can read about those right here.

Once you figure out the right dose for your needs, then it is all about having the discipline to make sure you take it every day. In simple terms what you are trying to do is develop a simple daily habit. That sounds pretty easy but it is harder than you think.

Flaxseed Tea Oil

When I first started out I used the oil and tried to remember to take that each and every day. I got a dose most days but the timing was never great. I eventually shifted over to capsules as that was just a quicker and easier way to take it. The same problem existed though with my timing. We all live pretty hectic lives and get distracted easily. In many ways taking your flax is a bit like taking medicine. You know that you have to do it, but daily distractions get in the way. That is why I like to try and develop it as a habit.

So What Time Is The Best Time?

The first thing in the morning is for sure the best time to gain the most benefit. If you can get into the habit of taking your oil or capsule with your breakfast then you will have it cracked. I did find an easier way of doing that which I found worked really well for me.

I started using the actual flaxseed seeds and simply added those to my morning cereal. That way I didn’t have to think about taking any pills, capsules or oil. By simply sprinkle some healthy seeds on to my breakfast and I could be assured that I had both a healthy enough breakfast and also got my requirement of Omega-3.

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Breakfast Time Is Best

Why Is Breakfast Time Best?

A lot has been written about which time is really the best. It is worth having a closer look at this. What we do know for certain is that last thing at night is not a good time to take any type of supplement. Supplements by their nature are designed to assist your overall diet and taking them before going to bed does not give them the best chance of being effective.

You could, of course, take your flaxseed at lunchtime or early afternoon, but the problem that I had with that, was called WORK. There were two problems with that which was remembering to bring it with you and trying to eat lunch at a regular time. I worked out in the field and often I ate out at a cafe as I am not a fan of packed lunches.

On the other hand, I always have breakfast and I always make time for that. My morning routine involves an early morning run, then a shower and shave, and then breakfast. Then because I am taking the seeds as a supplement I believe they have the best chance of working if I take them early in the day. In the main, I would say though that any time is a good time as long as you are getting your flaxseed in one form or another.

I would just avoid taking it late in the evening. I also believe that if you can take it a regular time each day your body gets used to that and can absorb it easier. The important thing is to develop this habit and then keep it going. I was watching a program the other evening on the world’s best diet, which looked at all of the countries in the world which had the best diet.

They based this on how long people lived, the lowest deaths by heart disease and lowest cholesterol levels. The countries that topped the list had high intakes of fish and in particular, Omega 3, which was a very interesting observation. For the record the best countries were:

  • Iceland
  • Italy
  • Greece
  • Japan
  • Nordic Countries

If you know about the benefits of Omega 3 then you will probably not be surprised by these results. So as you can see the evidence is certainly building for eating products like vegetables, fruit, seeds, nuts, fish and olive oil. Almost everyone agrees these days that taking this Omega 3 is a very good thing to do. There are other methods other than Flaxseed oil, such as fish oil, and as long as you are getting in some format, then that is the key thing.

Once this becomes part of your daily routine then you will have it cracked. I personally have also tried to increase the amount of fish that I have in my diet. I noticed when I was on holidays in countries like Italy, that there were always several choices of fish on their menus. Sadly in many other countries that is not always the case unless you can search out and find specialized fish restaurants.

There is no need to overindulge either. I found that simply by adding seeds to my breakfast I could then just relax knowing that I was getting the right balance of vitamins into my body. The good news was that was also a much cheaper method than buying more expensive capsules. The oil as we know has a tendency to expire quickly if not used, and you also have the hassle of keeping it in a dark place and keeping it cool.

The seeds are available and you can buy them in bulk which will always be cheaper, and in my opinion, a more natural method. So to sum up the daily dosage, for me it is just about creating a good habit. Once you can do that, then it becomes a simple part of your daily routine.

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