Optimum Nutrition Flaxseed Oil 1000mg 200 Softgels

Flaxseed Oil Benefits for Women – Hair, Weight Loss & Health

This page explains the flaxseed oil benefits for women. However, I always like to explain the origin of anything I propose to put into my body. Flax in its basic form is simply a plant with thin stems and they can have blue or red flowers. The flax seeds which you can buy in any […]

Flaxseed Oil vs Fish Oil

Flaxseed Oil vs Fish Oil – Which Is Best?

We now know that omega-3 is something that is good for our bodies. The question is which is better, flaxseed oil vs fish oil in order to get this body-enhancing Omega, as we do not produce this naturally. The debate on this has raged on for a few years. On each side of the argument, […]

Golden Flaxseed

How To Eat Golden Flaxseed

There is quite a bit of debate as to whether flaxseed is better for you than flaxseed oil. That may be true but how do you eat flaxseed if not either by taking a capsule or by taking it in an oil format? You may have noticed already on this website that there are certainly some great […]

Amazing Grass Green SuperFood

Amazing Grass Green Superfood Reviews

If you are familiar with “Superfoods,” then you will know that the brand “Amazing Green Grass” is one of the leading suppliers of these in the market right now. Their company was founded in 2002 by two chaps called Brandon and Todd. They do a whole range of healthy products. The biggest problem is that […]

Side Effects of Flaxseed Oil

Flaxseed Oil Side Effects – Debated At Length

Like any natural or herbal remedy, there is always the worry of flaxseed oil side effects. I decided to investigate if there were any. Before I do that it is worth mentioning that flaxseed oil comes from the flax plant. When the seeds are crushed and oil is produced. It is this oil that when […]

nutritional value of flax

Nutritional Value of Flax

If you are considering taking either flaxseed as a seed, capsule or the oil version, then I think it is important to fully understand the nutritional value of these products. The most popular, and easiest to find a form of seed, is the brown seed, but many people prefer the golden seed variety. It contains four important […]

flax for weight loss

Can Flaxseed Oil Help With Weight Loss?

If you want to lose weight, then the question is can flaxseed oil play a part in your diet? There really is so much rubbish talked about what the humble flaxseed can do, that it is often hard to find out the truth. It is now safe to assume that this seed, usually in an […]

photo of the male human body

Omega 3 Benefits for Men

In the media today there is certainly a lot of talk about something called Omega 3. When you start to see a lot of people talking about a product that you may never have heard of, then it spikes our natural curiosity. This is especially true if we happen to find out that this mystery […]

flaxseed oil dry eyes

Flaxseed Oil For Dry Eyes

The notion that dry eyes are caused by the normal aging process is true. But did you know that there are other causes as well apart from the inevitable old age? Dry eye is a situation where the eyes lack sufficient lubrication and moisture on the surface of the eye. The dry eye syndrome is […]

Vitamins for Women over 50

Best Vitamin Supplements For Women Over 50

I don’t want to bore you too much with the many benefits that vitamins can offer to the human body, but there are plenty of them. The benefits of vitamins to the human body are numerous. Generally speaking, though they can assist women with reference to their metabolism, and most importantly about improving the immune system. In addition […]

various types of flaxseed

The Various Forms of Flaxseed

As a product becomes popular, then manufacturers are not that long seizing on that opportunity. Flaxseed is one of those products, and it is now available in a whole range of different formats. I was quite staggered by just how many different ways this could be produced, so I thought it was worthwhile doing an […]

Natural Cold Pressed Flaxseed Oil

Cold Pressed Organic Flaxseed Oil – The Best Type of Oil

Defining Cold Pressed Organic Flaxseed Oil You may well be aware of flaxseed oil, so the fact that some of it is “cold-pressed and organic,” offers the question, what is the difference. That is what I asked myself anyway so I went in search of the answers to that. The Organic Element This part is […]

Coromega Omega-3

What Is the Best Omega 3 Supplement?

You will see me write a lot about the benefits of taking Omega 3 on this website. Flaxseed is certainly one way, but not the only way of achieving that. However, I thought that an article on which supplement is actually the best for getting Omega 3 into your body, might prove useful to my […]

Flaxseed for horses

Flaxseed Oil For Horses

This article examines the use of Flaxseed oil for horses and if there are any benefits in doing that. This is what we know at the minute and in the main, it is about providing a better diet for any animal such as a horse, a dog or pets in general. The main difference between a horse […]