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Benefits of Flaxseed Oil | Health & Side Effects

Benefits of Flaxseed Oil | Health & Side Effects

9 Amazing hacks to Clear Your Mind

A clear Mind

Mental Health

9 Amazing hacks to Clear Your Mind

Summary – How to clear your mind if you are suffering from anxiety or depression, then you need to take care of your mental health. There are ways through which you can rid your mind off anxiety and stress and live a peaceful life.

Title: 9 Amazing How to Clear Your Mind Hacks in the Corona Virus era

Meditation to clear the mind

With the growing crisis all around, it is natural for us to lose our cool and get anxious and panic a little. And there is nothing wrong with it, as never in our life have we faced such a crisis where we have to fear for our life and safety.

The life we are leading today is filled with doubts as our safety has been compromised. Being locked 24X7 inside our house against our will, our mind is getting filled with doubts and absurd thoughts.

But there are ways sketched out by mental health experts that would help people with How to clear your head.

How to clear your mind easily?

  1. Distract your mind

The most basic trick to get rid of the ill thoughts that troubling you is by distracting your mind. Whenever you are feeling overwhelmed with negative thoughts, try to think about something else. An empty mind is a devil’s workshop, which is one of the wisest sayings ever said. Though we can’t escape our thoughts, you can at least try to divert your mind from thinking about the same thing repeatedly.

Release the chains in your mind

There are numerous ways through which you can try to distract your mind is by coloring. Color has a significant impact on your mood. Different color has different psychological effects on our brain. Just pour out whatever color that is coming in your mind on a piece of paper. It will help you to express your thoughts in such a way that only you can decode later. And this is how to clear your head instantly.

  • Mindfulness

Whenever you are getting angry, or your mood is riding the roller coaster, try not to flow with it. Try to observe. Yes, mindfulness can help to analyze a particular situation and make out what is wrong with us and what is exactly that is troubling us.

Though you shouldn’t judge the thoughts, observing them will help you to learn the cause behind it. For example, if you are getting angry suddenly, try to analyses and thing what can be the possible reason behind it. Try to think of anything that has been bothering you lately. Analyzing your thoughts is an excellent way of getting a grip over your emotions by finding the root cause.

  • Meditating

Meditation is being practiced by people around the world for years after years to get control over their mind and improve concentration. Indian yogis used to live in isolation for years after years. And the only reason that they still managed to behave like a sane person is because they had a grip over their mind.

Even while being in isolation, they meditate a lot, which eventually helped them to analyses their thoughts and channel it productively. So, practice at least 30 minutes of mediation every day to get rid out of your bad thoughts and cure anxiety. To practice, mediation, start with Anulom-Vilom, which is a yogi’s way of balancing the positivity and negativity in our body.

Sit with your legs tucked under your thigh. Now, with your right thumb, cover the right nostril, and take a deep breath. Hold it for a few second, and then with your index finger, cover the left nostril and breath out from your right. Then while holding the left nostril, take a deep breath from the right and then hold it for a few seconds, now release the breath from the left while holding on to your right nostril.

This is one complete circle, and you can repeat the loop for at least ten times twice a day. But make sure that you start with your left nostril can completing the breathing circle to bring balance. And this will help you with how to clear your mind for meditation.

Clear your Mind
  • Start writing

Whenever you cannot get rid of your thoughts, try to write it down. It can either be in the form of poetry or prose. But whatever it is, writing will help you a lot to get rid of your ill thoughts. It will help you with how to clear your mind and relax.

Writing also helps us to channelize our thoughts and bring in concertation. Write down precisely how you are feeling. What you are doing to get rid of the bad thoughts, and what you are about to do to change your life. Always remember that the cards of your life are in your hand. They will play out the way you want them to.

  • Workout

Do you know about the hormones that affect our mind, such as Dopamine, Endorphins, Oxytocin, Adrenaline, blah blah? Well, these are the hormones that affect our thoughts and alter our mood. And they can be produced with a little effort.

And one of the easiest ways to promote the production of Dopamine, which is the happy hormone, is by exercising. When your body feels good, your mind will feel good too. So, start working out for at least 30 minutes, and within a week, you will feel the change in your mind and your body. This will help you with how to clear your mind to study.

  • Start living the moment

Never feel gloomy about what could have been better ad what you could have done to make your present better. Carpe Diem. One of my favorite words which means live the moment. Whenever you are doing a task, put in all your effort into it, regardless of how silly or pity it is.

  • Embrace nature

The only reason our forefathers had better mental health than us is that they had a lot of greens around them. Yes, greenery indeed has a positive effect on our mind, So, take a stroll in your garden or go for a hike in your nearby forests as it is an excellent way to reduce stress and fatigue.

  • Play the substitution trick

Don’t we replace the item’s from our shelves when they start looking rusty? The same can be done with our minds too. Whenever something wrong happens, try to find its positive side. Though it is not always that easy, with practice, everything can be mastered.

  • Stay composed

Never be overwhelmed with anything. Be it something good or bad. Be it love or hatred. Try to stay composed as much as you can. 

A clear head

For more health/healthy information and tips/hacks go to our main page on Flaxseed Oil Benefits.

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