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Benefits of Flaxseed Oil | Health & Side Effects

Benefits of Flaxseed Oil | Health & Side Effects

Does Flaxseed Oil Work For Hair Growth?

Flaxseed hair gel

Flaxseed Oil Benefits

Does Flaxseed Oil Work For Hair Growth?

There must be a thousand or more products that claim to be good for our hair. In this article, I explore if taking flaxseed oil for hair specifically does anything to ensure hair growth or the prevention of hair loss. I will also take a look and see if it can help to make our hair more healthy, and also help with its growth.

There are a ton of what are described as supplemental or alternative medicines available today. The manufacturers make great claims as to what these can do.

I have found that although many claims are made they are usually supported by people selling these products to a market of people who may just try out their latest product.

On this website, I discuss a lot of the supposed benefits of flaxseed oil and no doubt there are some as it naturally provides certain fatty acids that the body does not produce on its own. That is a good thing and there is clear medical evidence from many case studies to show that Omega 3, for example, is good for our overall health.

For now, though, let me focus on what information is available, and discover what it can or can not do for the hairs on our head.

Is There Anything In Flaxseed Oil That Makes It Good For Hair?

I think just about every hair product on the market makes claims to help with dandruff, oil problems, hair falling out, baldness and even the shine on our hair. Now personally I always look for evidence that there are some ingredients in a product that are known to help with hair growth.

There is nothing that I can see in flaxseed oil that would tell me that flaxseed oil is any good for your hair. It isn’t bad for your hair either but I think it is wrong to make the statement that it actually does anything for your hair.

Have a look at the video below done by a young lady who tried this oil to see if it would make her hair grow longer or quicker?

She agrees with me that there is simply no sign of flaxseed oil doing anything specific for hair growth. I also believe that if anyone has found a cure for baldness then they have kept it a secret otherwise they would be a very rich person.

I have done a lot of research on this, and apart from people who try to sell this as a hair enhancing product, I can not find anyone who has said this works. Now please note that it might, but I couldn’t find any scientific or medical studies where this has been tested and proven.

Medically we do know that if people have low levels of Omega 3 in their bodies, then that can certainly lead to dry hair, due to a lack of natural scalp and body oils. Those people who suffer from skin issues such as psoriasis or eczema, particularly in the scalp area, actually respond very well to any type of skin moisturization.

It would be safe therefore to assume that flaxseed oil can help as it does act as an anti-inflammatory product. There is, therefore, some hope there for people who suffer from dry hair or dry scalps.

Again though I would point out that although this would promote healthier growth of hair, it is not the same as making hair grow. If you help create a healthy scalp, then that will sustain and promote healthy hair and growth.

Flaxseed Oil Gel for Hair

I did come across this interesting product and a variant on the standard flaxseed oil or capsules. Have a look at this video first and I will comment afterward.

It makes no sense to me and looks like a ton of work would be my summary of this. Yet again this type of thing looks like someone has convinced themselves that this is a good product. They could well be right but nothing that I could find would support any of the claims made in the video above. It may, of course, be good for other health reasons but there is little or no evidence that I could find that it helped with hair growth.

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