Organic Flaxseed Oil

What Is Organic Flaxseed Oil Exactly?

Many people today have a preference for products that are organic in nature and flaxseed oil is no exception to this desire. I do think it is important though to understand exactly what organic means, and especially when it comes to the growth of flax as a crop. Often the word organic is mentioned in […]

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Flaxseed Oil vs Linseed Oil – What Is The Difference?

I guess the real question here is which is best, Flaxseed oil or Linseed oil when it comes to potential health benefits? I was not that familiar with linseed oil other than I remember years ago my brothers using it on their cricket bats to prevent cracking. That is certainly not what we have in mind […]

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Cold Pressed Organic Flaxseed Oil – The Best Type of Oil

Defining Cold Pressed Organic Flaxseed Oil You may well be aware of flaxseed oil, so the fact that some of it is “cold-pressed and organic,” offers the question, what is the difference. That is what I asked myself anyway so I went in search of the answers to that. The Organic Element This part is […]

Benefits of Flaxseed Oil For Men

Flaxseed Oil Benefits For Men-Weight Loss And Many More

In this article, we will examine the potential benefits of this flaxseed oil for men. Some guys take their health and fitness as a serious thing, and that is, of course, a very wise thing to do. Many men though go through life without as much as a second thought to what they eat or […]

Flaxseed linseed oil and the power of omega-3

Making Flaxseed Oil

Flaxseed oil is made by pressing the seeds of the flax plant to release the natural oil. As you are probably well aware by now, the oil is a great source of omega-3 and has many other essential fatty acids that have great health-boosting properties. You can, of course, buy this off the shelf, but have you […]

How much flaxseed oil should I take per day

How Much Flaxseed Oil Per Day?

This is a question that I am asked more than any other. The truth is that the amount of flaxseed oil you take each day will vary a lot, depending on a number of different circumstances. The most important point though I would like to make right at the start of this article. You should […]

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When Is The Best Time To Take Flaxseed?

If you are considering taking flaxseed oil to get its many benefits then a good question is what time of the day is the best to take your daily dose. Just before we look at that it is worth noting that if you do plan on taking a daily dose, then there are recommended amounts that you […]

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Flaxseed Oil Benefits for Women – Hair, Weight Loss & Health

This page explains the flaxseed oil benefits for women. However, I always like to explain the origin of anything I propose to put into my body. Flax in its basic form is simply a plant with thin stems and they can have blue or red flowers. The flax seeds which you can buy in any […]

flaxseed oil for constipation

Does Flaxseed Oil Help For Constipation?

I have read extensively about flaxseed oil and its health benefits. Many people have stated that it has helped relieve constipation problems, so I decided to have a look at this relationship, and see if that was actually the case. The purpose was to see if I could find any real evidence that linked the taking of flaxseed […]

Flaxseed Oil Gel Caps

Flaxseed Oil Gel Capsules

In this article, we investigate flaxseed oil gel capsules and see what is currently available in the market place. I had actually not come across flaxseed oil until a few months back. I am someone who has enjoyed fish and I also took fish oil. I found flaxseed oil while looking around the supermarket one day and found it […]

Flaxseed hair gel

Does Flaxseed Oil Work For Hair Growth?

There must be a thousand or more products that claim to be good for our hair. In this article, I explore if taking flaxseed oil for hair specifically does anything to ensure hair growth or the prevention of hair loss. I will also take a look and see if it can help to make our hair more […]

flaxseed oil for dry eyes

Does Flaxseed Oil Work for Dry Eyes?

Can Flaxseed oil help with Dry Eyes? In this article, we wanted to investigate if flaxseed oil could help for dry or sticky eyes? This was an interesting one to look at for a number of reasons. Many people use these for a whole variety of health reasons, but to be honest, this was not […]

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Enema for Constipation

For many people, they may have heard of the word enema, but may not be too sure exactly what it means. Now I would also believe that many people consider it to be something that is quite unpleasant. Let’s take a brief look at where the enema came from. We will then investigate if enemas […]